Beautiful Boiler Services

Boiler installation, repair and servicing in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and The West Midlands

New Boiler Installation

Boilers play such a big part in our home, so when it comes to installing your new boiler, you want to make sure you not only choose the right boiler but that you use a qualified and experienced GasSafe registered engineer. Our Boiler installers are based in the heart of Nuneaton and offer new boiler installation services throughout the West Midlands. Our engineers will happily install a pre-purchased Baxi or Worcester Bosch boiler, or will visit and assess your household heating situation and provide impartial advice on which Boiler would be best to install in order to deliver optimum heat and cost efficiency. Aside from boiler installation, we also undertake all aspects of heating work including the fitting of designer radiators and standard household radiators.

Boiler Repairs

Is your boiler playing up, not as efficient as it should be or not working as it should? Our boiler repairer is on hand no matter the issue.

Based in Nuneaton, we carry out a range of boiler repair services throughout the West Midlands and our GasSafe registered engineers will diagnose and repair any issues relating to your  boiler. What’s more, we guarantee that the work we carry out will leave your boiler working as efficient as possible.


Beautiful Boiler Services

Not only specifying and installing boilers and heating solutions…but keeping them working….beautifully.

Boiler Servicing

Ensuring your boiler is serviced every year not only ensures your boiler lives longer but also keeps your boiler performing efficiently, and ensures your boiler is safe from Carbon monoxide leaks and keeps your warranty validated.

Our qualified GasSafe registered engineers are experienced and trained to service every make and model of boiler and provide boiler servicing throughout Nuneaton and the West Midlands.

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